We are Leonard and Julie Marlow. We are husband and wife and have been married for almost twelve years. We met through online dating and have never looked back since. We loved each other and saw that we do not want to spend another lifetime without each other. So after two years of dating, we got married.
For the first half of our marriage, we worked in different companies. We tried to climb the ladder of success in big corporations. We treated our careers as our second love. And we really worked hard for it. But then, we realized that working tirelessly for someone else’s company will not work for us. and our time away from one another was really not worth it. And so, with a lot of consideration, brainstorming, and sleepless nights, we both decided to quit our job and start our own business.

Working with the spouse

Most people say that working with your spouse in the same company is troublesome enough. Building a business with him will even be more difficult. And with that in mind, we know what we are getting into. Is doing business together hard? Yes, it is. Is it tough to work with your spouse? A definite yes. Is it worth your time and effort? It can be! With our tried-and-tested formula, you can make your business flourish without ever compromising your relationship. It will be a long road ahead for the both of you but we know, as we are currently experiencing it, your business and your marriage will be better than ever.