A Great Marriage is a Work

coupleFor most couples nowadays, they have no idea what a good marriage looks like. If you see a husband and a wife that looks happy, then they are probably happy. If they are disgruntled and sad, they are probably having the time of their lives as a couple. Fortunately for me, I have found a model of a great marriage. I have been a witness to the marriage of my dad and mom and saw them grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually together. When I was watching them, it felt as if it was a dating site like site de rencontre belge. It may seem that all keep falling into place in their relationship but I know one thing is for sure, they put a lot of work on it.

What Does “Marriage is Work” Actually Mean?

When we run our business, we use practically all of our skills, education, knowledge, expertise, and energy to make it successful, at least in our eyes. We put a lot of effort to do stuff that we have to do because we really want to succeed. The same strive and effort that we do for our business can sometimes be compared to the work we do in our marriage. Do you want to make your marriage successful? Then, you have to also put a lot of work into it.

React to external changes

In business, you adapt to changes that are happening around you. You always have to look at inflation, changes in demographics, the shift in the market, competitors imitating your product or service, and other external changes. You should also know how to react when it comes to your marriage. You have to be flexible with your time, your effort, and your schedule if you really want to make your marriage successful.


React to internal changes

Two people with a different set of behaviors and personalities getting into marriage mean that a lot of changes will occur throughout the whole duration of your marriage. For every internal change that happens, you must react positively to it. Treat them as adventures waiting to be explored. Every step that you adapt to each other’s behavior means a step closer in your relationship.