11 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Quit Your Day Job


The transition from a career at work to a new business is quite intimidating and scary. It is comparable to a dating site like 50plusmatch wherein you are excited to sign up and look at different profiles of people that you want to date. But the more you get into it, the more you become scared of what will happen next. Before you quit your job, you must ask yourself these questions first:

Do you have the budget for the business?

This is one crucial question if you are going to start a business. Do you have the capital to lift it up from the ground? If you do not have any money for the overhead of the business, then you must not quit your job yet. It is better to know that you have a source of income first and build your capital before going into any kind of business. You do not just go into business by faith. It takes a lot of planning and critical thinking to start a business.

Are you willing to sacrifice?

Managing your own businessbusiness takes up a chunk of your time from your hobbies, your interests, and probably time from your family. The good thing, though, when we decided to work together is that my partner in business is already my husband. This may not be quality time but at least we are spending each and every day together. And we do keep some time for ourselves to talk intimately with one another and have a laugh or two.

If you are going into the business world, you must be willing to sacrifice a lot. Be ready to put a lot of energy for the business especially during startup. Around 90% of businesses fail during the first year because owners tend to quit early. Keep on striving and sacrificing until you reach your goal. But, of course, your first priority is still your family.

What are your real reasons for quitting?

You might just be using the business reason to quit your job but are not really thinking of going into business. You may be getting bored with the routine or you just hate your boss. That is the real reason why you are quitting your job. A great aspect of having a husband is that you have someone to talk to about these matters. Figure out what the reason is and determine if you really want to start a business.

Signs Allowed Yourself to Quit Your Job

There are tons of reasons we can quit our professional career but what are the signs to make your quitting job become the right decision?

  • Out of passion, job dissatisfaction.

Working with passion can lead to various benefits; it creates high purpose fulfillment, a better productivity rate, and outcome efficiency. Moreover, you don’t feel like you are working and enjoy long hours of work. In contrast, whenever you think or have been treated like you are wasting your potential by not using your skills for your passionate skills. Feel no more excited about your work or company. You better off and look for a new position in another organization or start your own business.

  • Your skills are underused

This sign is often apparent when you have requested opportunities to use different skill sets, and your manager or senior leaders denied those, which limits your growth potential. It’s better to take risks and find a new place where you might fall into the same situation in the next few years, but at least you get a unique opportunity to work with  in the new fresh environments. So before you quit, ensure you have engaged your manager and formally request this type of opportunity. If the organization is not open to any growth opportunity, it’s a sign for you to move on.

  • Unhealthy work environment

Suppose an unhealthy work environment causes your unhappiness and unprofessional working atmosphere. In that case, you should quit the job whether because, controlling management, dishonesty among senior leaders, sexual harassment in the workplace by physical, verbal, or even written. It would be best if you considered leaving the place as soon as possible.

  • Under-compensated

Exclude from the lower salary for an exchange of a great opportunity. Working under-compensated affects your lifestyle, health, and recreation, which can reflect a mismatch between you and the company and perceive your value and growth potential.

  • Unable to fulfill your job responsibilities

If you are unable to fulfill your job responsibilities, you should consider quitting. Whether because of physical illness, your life structural change, or you need more work-life balance.